“Snapple Facts” or Fiction

By: Kaley Haney, student at Archbishop Ryan High School – Philadelphia, PA

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A nice glass of Snapple is not only refreshing but it’s also entertaining. Every time you open a glass bottle of Snapple, it’s only routine to look at the cap and read the fact out loud. But just how true are these “facts” and where are they sourced from?

It all started in 2002 when Snapple introduced the idea of “Real Facts” on the cap of the drink to give the drink an extra flare against competitors and it’s still a huge staple with the company.

Every fact goes through a “fact check” and there is supposedly a yearly scan of facts that are currently out there to justify the accuracy of that, “fact.” Apparently, if a fact has become false over the year it goes into retirement.

“They are real facts, and we have teams here that fact-check everything,” said Snapple’s vice president of marketing, David Falk, in an interview posted on theatlantic.com.

IMG_3587 Some people have said that some of the facts on Snapple caps are untrue, even without any major changes in the world. Although, it is hard to decipher fact from fiction off the top of your head, thankfully the internet is only but a click away, So are the “Snapple Facts” themselves. You can go onto Snapple’s website and directly look at the facts that they place onto the caps.

Although there is a picture that surfaced the internet that has fact number zero stating that half of “Snapple Facts” are fake, is false in itself. Snapple released a statement that it is just a photo-shopped picture, but it’s very well done to say the least.

So are Snapple facts true? The amount of time and just the fact that there is a research team for “Snapple Facts,” leans more to the side of truth over fiction.

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